Event: Men Can Stop Rape’s Black History Month Film Festival

31 Jan

Event Announcement from Jared Watkins 

Men Can Stop Rape’s Solutions Through Film Black History Month Film Festival is happening this Saturday, February 2nd, in Silver Spring, MD . The Festival is an annual Community Strength Project of the Men of Strength (MOST) Club, a youth development program for middle school and high school young men that teaches them to embrace healthier visions of masculinity that involve social-emotional intelligence, civic engagement, and all that good stuff as opposed to traditional masculinity that values power, emotional disconnect, and violence.

The film festival will be at the AFI theatre in Silver Spring (right outside the Silver Spring metro on the red line) from 2:00 to 6:00 PM on Saturday. We will be showing Byron Hurt’s (best known for Beyond Beats and Rhymes, a film that investigates masculinity and hip hop culture) new film Soul Food Junkies that uses soul food to investigate the darker side of the food industry and the growing food justice movement that has been born in its wake. Byron will be at the festival and will participate in a workshop led by DC middle school and high school students. We will also be showing Janks Morton’s Hoodwinked that investigates the myth that more black men are in prison than in college. There will also be a workshop with Morton after his film is screened. You can find out more about the films and watch trailers here.


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