Fabulous Feminist Fridays: What movies or T.V. shows speak to your brand of feminism or have inspired you to be a feminist?

1 Feb

In Honor of Fabulous Feminist Fridays, we present you with select responses to the question: What movies or T.V. shows speak to your brand of feminism or have inspired you to be a feminist? 


“Parks and Recreation, of course. Leslie Knope is a proud feminist, a highly ambitious woman, and a funny one too – and she makes all of these things look cool. I’m so inspired by her character that I made this my desktop image during finals last semester and I swear it’s what carried me through. Knope 2016! (Just kidding…kind of.) Not to mention Amy Poehler is a real life feminist too!”

-Christina Crisostomo on Parks and Recreation

“Not only does Leslie Knope champions women’s empowerment, and have female political idols from both the left and right, but also takes on other feminist issues like comprehensive sex education, equality in the workplace, and breaking the glass ceiling. Not to mention, it’s hilarious.”

Caitlin Corrigan on Parks and Recreation

“‘Friday Night Lights’ is a T.V. show mainly about football, yet the wife of the all star football coach has her own growing career as a teacher and administrator. The final episode includes the couple’s decision to finally put the wife’s career before her husband’s and move out of Texas. I like how the show displays an honest struggle between a husband and wife who both love their careers and love each other.”

-Emma Rice on Friday Night Lights

“‘A League of Their Own,’ taught me that women always rise to the occasion. And that it’s okay to play T-Ball in polka dot skirts and tap dancing shoes.”

-Kat Kelley on A League of Their Own

Buffy taught me not to fear what men think, to love my strong body for the awesome things it can do, to rely on myself and that kicking ass, leading are perfectly normal female roles.

-Laurel Chor on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

All Disney movies will always hold a special place in my hear, and I especially appreciate the strong female protagonists of the newer movies, such as “Tangled” and “Brave.” “I’ll be shooting for my own hand!” Go Merida!”

-Nicole Chenelle on Disney films

If there’s one film that I rely on to express my feministyness […] it’s absolutely 9 to 5. If you haven’t seen it, drop whatever phallocentric patriarchal textbook your male professor is making you read and run towards Netflix. Because if you haven’t seen it, you haven’t seen Dolly Parton, Lily Tomlin and Jane Mothaluvin Fonda get fed up with their womanizing (read: “jerk”) boss and decide to abduct and kidnap him so that they can run the office themselves. That’s right. I know what you’re thinking: this film depicts everything that I have always wanted to do, and that’s right. The difference is that 9 to 5 just uses some of your favorite leading ladies to live out your fantasies. […] It’s indulgent. It’s funny. It’s fun. It gives you everything that you’ve ever wanted to do to those arrogant chauvinist pigs in really satisfying detail. And at the end, when they win and the office is a feminist paradise to rival Sweden, it’s your turn to ask why you aren’t living out that dream as well. And that’s where action starts.”

-Tucker Cholvin on 9 to 5

And of course, we can’t forget Johan Clarke’s assessment of Teen Wolf. 

What flicks would YOU pick? Leave your answer in the comments.

To be included in next week’s edition of “Fabulous Feminist Fridays,” email feministsatlarge@gmail.com with your response to the following question: What are your feminist raves and rants? What do you love about the feminist movement, and what changes would you like to see?


2 Responses to “Fabulous Feminist Fridays: What movies or T.V. shows speak to your brand of feminism or have inspired you to be a feminist?”

  1. Ron Swanson February 1, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Leslie Knope……….

  2. Alex February 1, 2013 at 4:28 pm #

    Gotta be Liz Lemon! Yeah, she [SPOILER] gets married in a white dress in the last season despite her objection to the “marriage-industrial complex” but that white dress is a PRINCESS LEIA OUTFIT…how more awesome can a person be?

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