Fabulous Feminist Fridays: Rants and Raves

8 Feb

In honor of Fabulous Feminist Fridays, we present select responses to the question: What are your feminist rants and raves?

“When someone says, ‘But they’re               (smart, nice, religious, a woman). They couldn’t be                            (a rapist, biased, misogynist).'” -Amy Wiggington

“In the words of my Fem Theory professor, “This class is not going to make you happy.” Most of the time, she’s right – feminism often leaves me feeling infuriated. Once you’ve started seeing the world through a feminist lens, it’s hard to stop. While this is helpful in an academic setting, other times it’s simply exhausting. If I were to discuss the implications of slut shaming and the importance of female sex empowerment every time someone used the word “slut,” I’d never shut up and would probably have no friends. Active feminism requires a lot of self-critique and anger, and sometimes, I just want to take a break and read Cosmo.” – Nicole Chenelle

“Rant: We need to bring more voices to the table!

Rave: I love sassy, not-taking-shit, over it, feminists who call society out on its bullshit and aren’t afraid to be called “radical” for wanting to be treated as an equal.” -Kat Kelley

“Rant: I dislike the exclusivity that sometimes happens in feminism. The idea that feminism is only about women is frustrating, because feminism is about women, men, transmen, transwomen, genderqueer individuals, and everyone else as well. It’s not about people of one race or one socioeconomic background, and I think that feminism sometimes forgets to highlight all feminist voices, and instead focuses only on a narrow perspective.

Rave: I love that feminism is empowering. I love that as a movement it is never afraid to back down, and that no fight is deemed too big or too small or unimportant. I love that feminism challenges all oppression, and asks us to create a world that will be better to all of us.” -Erin Riordan

“Male ownership of women’s sexuality is guaranteed to set me off on a rant. Yes, I am a lesbian; no I am NOT dancing/holding hands with/kissing my girlfriend for your entertainment, not I do NOT want you to try to get in on this, and NO, I do NOT want to have a threesome with you. Sod off.” -Meghan Ferguson

What are your feminist rants and raves? Include your responses in the comments below.

To be included in next week’s edition of “Fabulous Feminist Fridays,” email feministsatlarge@gmail.com with your favorite feminist quote!

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