GUSA 2013: Cannon and Logerfo on Feminism at Georgetown

13 Feb

by Cannon Warren

Throughout this week we will be posting pieces by Georgetown University Student Association Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates. We reached out to all five tickets asking them to respond to how they see feminism and feminist issues at Georgetown. 

As you may or may not know, I am the world’s biggest feminist, and if you don’t believe me then you’re an ass (notice how I used a gender neutral insult). However, I’m not going to lie; feminism is confusing even for me. In the first place, why does the word even exist? In a society like ours, that proclaims all as equal, one might think that the natural state of affairs would be equality. So then the word just kind of feels unnecessary, like a big DUH. But for some weird reason it’s not? I don’t get it, nor do I get why other people aren’t just getting down with the program.

Here goes the second bit of confusion for me. Men and women are technically equal. Yet, they are equal in the same way that one plus one equals two and that the square root of 9 divided by 1.5 equals 2. There are clear differences between the genders that are not all superficial and require serious critical thought in terms of policy prescriptions so that as a society we are all treated equally, but differently… See that’s confusing.

So what am I trying to say with this blabbering, besides just making this issue even murkier for some of you than it was before? Frankly, I am glad there is a new feminist blog on campus to help clarify these issues. While they might not completely un-confuse myself, at least there’s a new important source of dialogue on campus moving the discussion in the right direction.

And now I am going to explain why my campaign for the presidency with Logerfo is relevant. Simply stated, our presidency is bigoted against bigots. Not only will we make the bias-reporting system work as it should, to create an environment where all students can feel comfortable and accepted, but we also want to pursue a series of “Bigot Boxes” for CHARMS, the freshmen dating site for roommates. These would be checkboxes with varies labels such as: racist, homophobe, sexist, ableist, and just general all around bigot. If an incoming freshman clicks one of these boxes they will be automatically expelled. Now you might say, “Hey, Cannon that won’t work since they’ll be smart enough to not click it, once word gets around.” I would respond that bigots are dumb or misinformed and would probably click it anyways. Then most importantly, if they do wise up, it sends a serious message that such behavior won’t be tolerated at Georgetown.

So I guess I’ll end my blog post with shameless pandering. Vote for Cannon and Logerfo, the biggest feminists in the world!

To hear more from Cannon Warren and Andrew Logerfo, visit their facebook

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