What “The Vagina Monologues” Taught Me

19 Feb

The following are select responses from this year’s cast of The Vagina Monologues on what they have learned from their characters or pieces. 

Intro- Mariana Hernandez 

As the person introducing the Vagina Monologues,  I realized that even I felt uncomfortable at first speaking about vaginas and women in the same sentence. Which is why memorizing my lines was no trouble at all because the introduction my character gives reflects my thoughts exactly. However throughout this time as I continue to recruit people to come to our show I find myself with more strength and security to publicly- and proudly, tell my friends “come see the ‘Vagina Monologues!'”

Because He Liked to Look At It- Lisa Frank

I’m doing “Because He Liked to Look At It” which is the story of a woman who knows that (at least from a feminist perspective) she should love her vagina, but she still struggles with it until a man shows that love. I think a lot of us feel guilty if our personal beliefs and actions don’t live up to our political/societal ideals, but that’s the norm and it’s ok to let people help you out. We’re all here to help each other love our vaginas!

My Short Skirt- Jenna Sackler

“My Short Skirt” reinforced for me an idea that I firmly believe in and try to embody every day. That is, to wear what makes me feel confident, not what I am told I should wear. More importantly, that no matter how “seductively” or “sluttily” I dress, you don’t get to judge, shame, harass, or even rape me for it.

India Rising- Kat Kelley

“India Rising” is this year’s spotlight piece- and was written in response to all the shit that happened to women this year, focusing on the brutal gang rapes in India, but touching on the warriors of Pussy Riot, the bravery of Malala and the brutality inflicted upon her, and the insensitive American politicians invalidating survivors of sexual violence. I love the universality of this piece. It connects the struggles of women across the world. This piece- despite cataloguing the horrors- is inspiring, and powerful. It doesn’t wallow, but rather, in uniting these stories across cultures, strengthens the movement.

The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy– Jaclyn Jacobs

I adore my character, the Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy. She’s bold and expressive, and truly doesn’t give a fuck about what other people think of her. She does what she loves and she does it well.

In the Room- Omika Jikaria

I love how my character is so fabulous, daring, and resilient. There is something so powerful in her language and emotional expression. She is gentle and yet so fiery at the same time.

The show will be held at The Devine Theatre Thursday-Saturday February 21st-23rd at 8pm and Sunday February 24th at 2pm. Tickets are available at the Callagy Box Office or online at the Georgetown University Department of Performing Arts website or check out the facebook event here

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