Fabulous Feminist Fridays: Why do you think we still need feminism?

22 Feb

In honor of Fabulous Feminist Fridays, we present select responses to the question: What is one issue or example of why we still need feminism? 

“We need feminism because women’s bodies are entirely their own.”-Nora West

“Because when I ran for class president in 7th grade, I was told I wouldn’t win “because I was a girl””-Nicole Chenelle

This. This is why we need feminism.” -Jenna Sackler

“We need feminism because Ke$ha can make music with cheesy lyrics and people will consider her stupid and a terrible musician, but Justin Timberlake can make equally banal lyrics and people won’t care.”-Johan Clarke

“We need feminism because there are people who are still afraid to call themselves feminists. We need feminism because some people think it is radical to advocate for women’s issues, whether they be reproductive rights, the wage gap, gender based violence, or even the ability of women to walk down the street without being harassed.”-Erin Riordan

What is one issue or example of why you think we still need feminism? Leave your responses in the comments below. 


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