By a Novice

28 Feb

by Anonymous

I’ve often found in discussions of feminism and sex, feminists bring up the seemingly inevitable argument of lack of concern on society’s part for women’s sexual health and pleasure. Yet, in all my wonderings I rarely come across an article or really any information that helps women to attain, how shall we put this, an earth shattering orgasm. I address this not just to the feminists out there, but really to everyone; I want to know, how do you make a girl cum?

I tell you right now, google that, and you get a whole lot of unpleasant videos that you didn’t necessarily want to see. I’m really serious though. I’ve seen plenty of articles like this, explaining to “us, girls” that we need to get out and masturbate. Truth is, one of the reasons women don’t masturbate is because it’s not necessarily that easy. Now, before heads start rolling, let me discuss. Look up any study, and it’ll usually cite something like 30% of women are unable to orgasm, a condition called anorgasmia. Articles like WebMD or this explain that a lot goes into a woman’s “sexual response cycle,” or, as you may think of it, a heated build up and a loud and quaking climax. This is mainly the stuff we’ve all heard before. That women’s orgasms are psychological, that they need to feel safe, that they have to be aroused, stuff like that. While most of this is true, it still doesn’t address the problem that a lot of women have when all those things are taken care of. When a girl is down and wet, there should be no problem getting her to climax. So why do so many women fake it? And why all the difficulties with masturbation? I say, lack of education.

The sad truth is, not many people know what’s going on down there. That’s right, not even women, not even your mothers. We’re taught what people think we need to know, how to be safe, how not to ruin your life, and that’s about it. Actually, that’s not it. For the male reproductive system, we’re taught all about the male arousal system, how the penis becomes erect and ejaculates sperm at the moment of climax. But what do we learn about the female reproductive system? Menstruation. We learn about bleeding and bloating. Maybe, just maybe, you lucky few got shown where the clitoris is, but I highly doubt it looked anything near what you would see if you actually looked between a girl’s legs. What sex ed. ever teaches about female ejaculation or arousal? It’s like all they teach us in school is how to get pregnant, how not to get pregnant, and how not to get an STD.

If you don’t already know what’s going on down there, thrusting your hand between a girls legs, whether they be yours or someone elses, isn’t always the most pleasant of answers, yet that seems to be what a lot of people suggest, to “explore your body.” My suggestion, DO YOUR RESEARCH. There are sites that will give you shit like this. Cosmo can be really great, but honestly you could probably learn those same things from a slightly drunken and inappropriate aunt. When I’m doing research, I want to know where to go, what to look for, what to touch, how touch, what to do, what responses to look for, etc. So that’s what I’m hoping to provide you with here. Not making any promises, but if you’re interested in learning some about the female anatomy I’ll be posting more with explicit details. And so you don’t go away too empty handed here’s my first tip. Invest in a vibrator (cheap at first, don’t break the budget on your first one, cause there will be more) and a bottle of lube. If you’re thinking about not doing those two things, seriously reconsider.


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