Fabulous Feminists Fridays: Favorite Feminist Politician or Activist

8 Mar

In honor of Fabulous Feminist Fridays, we present select responses to the question: Who is  your favorite feminist politician or activist?

Sam Wu: My favorite feminist activist is Ellen Page.  I love her movies (and typically “alternative” roles), and I see her as a young, talented female actress that is fully deserving of attention in an industry that has been traditionally male-dominated.  One of my favorite movies that stars her in the leading role is Whip It–she is just pretty badass all-around.

Kat Kelley: AH so many- Hilz of course is an unhealthy obsession, and Steinem and Lorde are classics… but this week I’d like honor Joe Biden- the man behind the original VAWA, 1 is 2 many, and the goof ball whose big mouth got Obama to endorse gay marriage!

Caitlin Corrigan: AMY POEHLER! There are so many reasons why I look up to her, but one of my favorite things that she does as a feminist is her web series for girls and young women.

Julia Hubbell: Frances Perkins–Frances Perkins is the shit. She was the first woman cabinet member and a principal advisor of FDR. She was incredibly involved in the creation of Social Security, Unemployment, the National Labor Relations Act and many of the programs we know today. She started out as an activist after actually witnessing the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, and pushed through fire and health regulations for the workplace. Basically, she held an awesome amount of power and didn’t give a shit when people thought they could push her around because she’s a woman.

Erin Riordan: I am most often inspired by the feminist activists in my own life- the RU Ready coordinators; the producers, directors, and actresses in the Vagina Monologues; the WAGE fellows, and all the other incredible feminist activists on Georgetown’s campus. They show me that no matter how frustrated and angsty and angry I might feel in any given moment, I always have power, and that power can create real change. I am also inspired by the women who act to shape the world into what it should be- women like Jane McAlevey, fierce activists who stand up and fight for what they believe and take no one’s shit when doing so.

Who are your favorite feminist politicians and activists? Include your responses in the comments below.

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