Definitions of terms that appear on the blog:

Rape Culture

Rape and the FBI’s definition

Sexual assault and more here

Street Harassment and more here

Male gaze and more here and more here

Gender binary and more here

Heteronormative and more here

Gender Based Violence and more here

Sexism and more here

Misogyny and more here and more here

Racism and more here

Homophobia and more here

Ableism and more here

Classism and more here


Privilege and more here

Sexual Coercion and more here

Sexual Harassment and more here and from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Sexual Violence and more here

Domestic Violence and here

Victim Blaming and more here and more here

Cisgender and more here and more here

Transgender and more here

Preferred Gender Pronouns, as defined by “A ‘preferred gender pronoun’ or (PGP) is the pronoun that a person chooses to use for themself”


Gender Identity

Gender Expression

Queer and more here

Sex Positive and more here

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